A mouse and a lion

A lion is a very big animal. He lives in Africa. Africa isn’t an island, it is a part of the world. Asia, Europe, Australia and America are also parts of the world. The lion catches goats and cows and eats them, but he also eats smaller animals. Sometimes he kills a man and eats him.

One day a lion was sleeping in his den. A mouse ran over his nose and the lion woke up. He was very angry. He put his paw on the little mouse and was about to kill her.

The little mouse was afraid of the big lion. She cried loudly. She said:” please lion, don’t eat me”

The lion was a kind lion. He took pity on the little mouse and he didn’t eat her. She ran away and went home.

The next day the lion was walking in the forest. In the forest there was a net and the lion didn’t see the net in the trees. He walked into the net and he didn’t know how to get out.

He roared loudly. He cried:” come and help me. I am the lion. I am in a net. I can’t get out. Come on help me.”

But the animal in the forest were afraid of the lion. They didn’t like him and they didn’t want to help him.

When the mouse heard the lion crying, she run quickly. She said:”I am very little, but I can help you. Yesterday you were kind to me. I can help you now.”

Then she began to bite the net and made a little hole. Then she bit again and again and made a bigger hole. At the last the hole was very big and the lion could walk out of the net. He said:” thank you. Thank you very much, little mouse.” But the mouse said:”don’t thank me. You were kind to me yesterday and I am helping you now.”


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